I’m Tony Dunne, and I’m part of the Connecting Point team here at WGBY. Producing field segments for Connecting Point allows me to tell many different kinds of stories, and I love that. From the very serious (like the pieces I’ve done on flooding inVermont and the aftermath of the June 2011 Tornado) to the lighter side of things (such as a look at local legend and visual effects pioneer Douglas Trumbull), I get to cover a lot of ground. But I’m going to talk about another story that I’ve been working on outside of WGBY and Connecting Point

As a kid, I always loved spooky stories and old horror films. And as an adult, I’ve taken that love and my skills in television production to do my own take on the “campfire ghost story” – a new show that I’ve created called New England Legends, which WGBY is airing on October 27th at 1 and 1:30pm and this Halloween on October 31st at 10 and 10:30pm.

One of the great things about where we live is that it’s full of history and stories. But one thing that New England excels at are tales of the ghostly and mysterious: stories of spirits, witches, Bigfoot, monsters, UFO’s – if you name it, there’s a New England legend about it!

The New England Legends crew: Nate Buynicki, Tony Dunne, and Jeff Belanger

I partnered with an amazing videographer, Nate Buynicki, and an incredibly talented author and lecturer, Jeff Belanger. Jeff’s the ultimate insider when it comes to these things; he knows all of these stories and legends back to front, and more importantly what they mean to us as a people – why we like these things, and what they say about us and the places we call home. Jeff’s passionate about storytelling, as am I. Neither of us wanted to do a “ghost-hunting” show, and that’s not what New England Legends is about.

I’ll give you an example: when you watch the show (and I hope that you do!), in one episode you’ll see how stories of a ghost lead Jeff to find a long-abandoned graveyard, well off the beaten path. And as Jeff points out, legend is a way of remembering and celebrating history. If it weren’t for this legend, nature and the woods would’ve reclaimed this resting place for the departed long ago. But because of it, Jeff remembers someone who was long forgotten over 100 years ago. He says her name, and in many ways keeps the memory of the people who came here, worked here, lived here and died here long before us alive and well… and if you watch New England Legends, so will you.

The two episodes airing on Halloween take you to an alleged haunted house in the Berkshires, a western MA mountaintop where people claim to see Bigfoot and UFO’s, a 4000-year-old stone calendar on a hilltop in southern New Hampshire, and tales of buried pirate treasure and a man who spent most of his life digging through solid rock looking for it on the North Shore of Boston. What more could you possibly want for your viewing pleasure on All Hallows’ Eve?

You can check out the tailer below and find out more about the show at www.ournewenglandlegends.com , and tune in to WGBY on October 27 at 1:00pm, and October 31st at 10 and 10:30pm! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed…: