Potter Zahava Friedman talks about how she gets inspired from the woods around her house in Pelham, Massachusetts.  

Friedman feels a special connection to the outdoors and chooses to photograph her finished pottery outside in nature.   

Explore the nature-inspired pottery of Zahava Friedman in our full profile of the artist. 

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Zahava Friedman: I’ll step back and see if I need to re-orient.

Living in Pelham has been a joy because I live right on trails and I’m on them twice a day with my dog. And the trails are always changing and the foliage is always different and the wildlife is always different.

And I’m always getting ideas just based on being out and about.

So, my whole life I’ve been in cooperative studios, but it’s been a lifelong dream to have a home studio.

In fact, even after my first class as a ten-year-old, I thought, “Someday I want to do this whole process at home.”

And just this last March, I bought this house in Pelham, and it has this semi-finished basement area that I converted just very recently into a fully-functional pottery studio.

And it’s really a dream come true to be able to do the whole process at home.