Why is Comic Con so special to so many?  

In our digital extra this week, five Springfield Comic Con attendees share what Comic Con means to them.

Experience the 2022 Springfield Comic Con in our full story on the event. 

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Tim Wylie, Founder: Comic-con is a gathering of fans from just about every genre you can think of: Fantasy and comic book world, science fiction and all of the various things you can see around here from the Ghostbusters, Star Trek, Star Wars, and so on. Obviously, this group is more involved with the Star Wars than anything.

Nile Hennick, Illustrator: This is a place where people can like be themselves and do what they want, I guess — it’s like Halloween in July.

Tim Wylie, Founder: Comic-con is just a place where people can go to get along with their fandom. It’s things that people have grown up with comics, movies, cartoons, anime. Sometimes you got sports and wrestling, but yeah, it’s just about any kind of fandom.

Christopher Coffelt, Owner: Comic-con is a collection of people that are here for many artistic avenues, including comic books, all the way through collectibles and up until just you name it, it’s all here.

Calvin Hennick, Writer: Comic-con is, you know, people get together, you know, engage with the characters that they love. People like to dress up, check out new independent creators like us, which is a lot of fun – and it’s an opportunity for us to get our work out in front of new people.