jim_madigan_blogSeason 5 of “Connecting Point” is underway and we’re off to a strong start.

We’ve already brought you pre-season Election Specials focusing on the hot races for the State Senate in the 1st and 2nd Hampden-Hampshire Districts and the Hampden District Attorneys race. This weekend we’ve got a debate on Friday night at 7:30 between a supporter and an opponent of Ballot Question 3 which, if adopted, will repeal the Casino Gaming Law passed three ago. On Sunday morning 10/19 — in the 10:30AM time slot where we normally repeat our Friday broadcast –we’ve got an interview with controversial Independent gubernatorial candidate Rev. Scott Lively. By the way,from now until the election we’re bringing you new programs in that Sunday morning repeat slot — so that we can double the amount of election coverage we’re able to present. We’ll continue looking at the Ballot Questions and the races for Governor and United States Senator that are all on the Nov. 4 ballot.

This month and next we’re also bringing you a multi-part series called “Veterans Coming Home” with a segment in every Monday and Wednesday edition of “Connecting Point”. We’ll also have a live “Veterans Coming Home” special on Wednesday, Novmeber 12. We’re focusing on five specific areas of concern for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan — Education,Employment, Health Care, Homelessness and Social Integration.

I’ve got to tell you, I’ve learned a lot just working on a couple of parts of this effort — and my respect for the women and men who serve our country in the military has only grown after seeing the sacrifices they and their families make to protect our country. Remember that old saying “Freedom isn’t Free”? So true –and you see it in the lives of these people who’ve put their lives on hold to guard our freedom. Yeah, I know –they get benefits and money for college, etc. — but always keep in mind they lay their lives on the line in the meantime, long before they ever get to enjoy any of those perks — and some of them never get the chance to use those benefits.

So far this season –We’ve also had interviews with Astronaut Cady Coleman(it was a genuine thrill to interview her!) Springfield’s nwe Roman Catholic Bishop, Mitchell Rozanski, and Congressman Richard Neal on the mid-term elections — and we’re just getting started! Make sure you click in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30PM or anytime here on the web.