Trevor Healy, the owner of Healy Guitars, talks about how he incorporated a unique component into his custom-made guitar that he calls “The Healer.”

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Trevor Healy, Healy Guitars: I’ve wanted to make my own Healer for years.

I had the second one that I ever made and designed for a couple of years, but then sold it.

So, this year I made my own instrument. It’s very lightweight. It’s about five and a half pounds, so the interior is all chambered. And then I’ve been working with a guitar pedal manufacturer in Brooklyn, New York. And I saw that he posted about a pedal that he made, which is called the Tremolo Effect. So, I asked him if he wouldn’t mind making that circuit that I could put inside my guitar.

So, I have a guitar with the effect built right in, much like a guitar that might have been built in the 60s.

♫ (Tremolo Effect guitar music playing) ♫

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