Thanks to the internet, anyone can become a star…or at least they can reach a larger audience. 

In this digital exclusive, puppeteer Tom Knight shares what it was like teaching himself to edit videos to post on YouTube. 

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Read the full transcript:

Tom Knight, Musician and Puppeteer: ♫ What’s over there? It’s the garbage monster. ♫

I first got into video with the original video of “The Garbage Monster” in 2008, and I had hired a production company to make a video. And I thought, you know, I think maybe I could edit this myself. So, they said, “Sure, go ahead, try.”

And so, I bought some editing software and I got the footage and I started editing and it took a really long time, but I really learned a lot about editing and I really enjoyed it. So, my yeah, my first intro was really just editing my own material, my — my own song.

♫ Ooh, rockabilly goat …♫

You know, when I’m performing a show, I might have 100 people or 200 people or 20 people, or whatever. You know, there’s a limited number of people that can see me live, but if I can get something up on YouTube, then there’s no limits. It can go all around the world.

♫ Well, Mama Alligator…♫

I’m excited about just being able to share my music with the whole world, that anybody can have access to it, and to try to create the best version of that that I can, that’s really fun.

♫ Alligators jump, alligators fly…♫