MAKING IT HERE is a series within Connecting Point that celebrates an aspect of life that almost all people share: most of us go to work each day. And many people are passionate about that work and what they do. Below is a blog written by WGBY’s programming intern TJ Hannigan that shows the passion two people have for the work they do.

CLOSE UP DONUTS ON RACKWith this cold weather in full force, there is nothing better than a warm donut to keep you warm. Maureen and Mark Weiner, of Moe’s Donuts, sure think so. They faced the same issue that millions of American families face, paying for their children to go to college. They went back to their roots; Maureen’s family had been working at farmer’s markets for years, while Mark learned to bake from his grandmother. The next natural step was to start to making and selling their own donuts at local farmer’s markets.

In order to get a complete understanding for their business we had them come in for an interview. Maureen described the origins of the business and how it got its name and famous tagline “Nobody Knows Do’s Like Moe!” while Mark talked about the importance of the internet to any small business and the donut making process. After hearing about their delicious donuts in full detail we then had to wait for five long days before we actually got to see and taste them.

On Saturday morning December 13th we went to the Forest Park Farmer’s Market. We got to see Mark make the fresh batter while Maureen was busy selling to hungry customers. The smell was inescapable. Everyone who passed the stand could not resist the urge to buy donuts, and not just one, but many. Whether it was a half dozen or a “Moe’s Dozen” of thirteen donuts, people couldn’t get enough. It wasn’t just the smell either. The donuts tasted fantastic. Between Mark’s baking skills and Maureen’s ability to sell sand in the desert, these donuts were flying off the racks. Their tagline is “Nobody Knows Do’s Like Moe!”and all you have to do is see them in action to know that’s the truth.