Maurice “Pops” Peterson is an artist and public speaker from the Berkshires, best known for his award-winning series, Reinventing Rockwell.  

In this digital extra, explore some of Peterson’s more whimsical works that hang in the vestibule at the Hotel on North in Pittsfield.   

Watch our full interview with Pops Peterson here.

Read the full transcript:

Maurice “Pops” Peterson, Artist & Civil Rights Activist: I just basically wanted to make people happy, so I came up with this idea called Mythological Pittsfield, where I had illustrations from — basically they’re all famous Pittsfield landmarks. And I just took the pictures and I rearranged them so that they tell funny stories.

So, here’s one of the Round Stone Barn of Hancock Shaker Village descending from the sky as a UFO. And here is the Athenaeum, floating away like a hot air balloon because of all the nonsense being discussed inside.

This is my favorite. This is Godzilla terrorizing North Street.

And I love this one, too. This is ‘A Starry Night Over Pittsfield,’ so it’s kind of like a Van Gogh. And all these wonderful Pittsfield landmarks as if they were on the same street.