Students and Zoar Outdoor employees discuss their western Massachusetts experience. 

Fly high at Zoar Outdoor in our full feature on the ziplining, kayaking, and rafting adventure resort. 

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Raymond Dulac, Wentworth Institute of Technology: Well, I drove in at 5:30 in the morning, so we didn’t — it wasn’t that much of an experience. I was a bit tired, but it’s beautiful.

It is my first time over here.

Annie King, Wentworth Institute of Technology: I have not been to Western Mass. I live in Mass, but I haven’t been around here before and I love it. It’s beautiful.

There’s so much to like, see, and I just…I love the area. It’s very nice.

Meghan Ecclesine, Zoar Outdoor Adventure Resort: Oh, I decided to come out to western Massachusetts as a conservation corps that I found out about through my college that was in the state forest, that’s just the next town over.

And then I knew about Zoar, actually from a book that I found in Michigan, and decided that I wanted to work for this company before I even came out here and thought that would be an awesome place to be.