Seekonk Tree Farm owner Peter Sweet, Sr. talks about his time as the local shop teacher and what it’s like seeing so many of his former students all these years later. 

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Peter Sweet Sr., Seekonk Tree Farm: I was doing this simultaneously, but I was an industrial arts teacher at the local middle school. And so, you know, over the years, I probably seen 3500 students and some of my students in their fifties, sixties now.

So, I’m dealing with a couple generations of those from that. I don’t always remember some of them, but they’ll introduce themselves and tell me a little bit about the experience.

One of my former students was standing there visiting with me. I didn’t recognize him immediately, but he walked over to me and he pointed to his two children standing over here, taking in the action, and he said, “thank you for what you’re doing”. That’s powerful words.