Elk-Gift-shopAs we near the end of the year and we start to think about being with family during the Holidays, I enjoy sharing with our Connecting Point audience some of the stories that we as producers find particularly memorable. Typically we create two special programs near the end of the year; one on Dec. 24 and the other on Dec. 31st.

This year our Dec 24th Connecting Point Program will be an all “Making It Here” show. For those of you who remember the Making It Here series that ran on WGBY, these stories have something in common; they all deal with an aspect of life that most of us do every day, we go to work. What makes the people in these stories so unique is they turned an idea into a business, or perhaps they are an artist or craft person who’s skill and attention to detail has gained worldwide recognition, or in some cases they are the everyday worker who takes such extra ordinary pride in the quality of their work because they know it not only provides for their family but improves the community. From Sea Chests to Tomatoes Sauce and Kettle Corn to Snow Board Wax the December 24th Connecting Point Program is one that you and your family should really enjoy.

On New Years Eve we will share with you our “Producer Picks”, stories that we feel particularly proud of. Connecting Point Contributor Carolee McGrath will introduce you to the Sci-Tech Band in Springfield. Their Director Gary Bernice has turned that program around as well as the lives of many of its members. Producer Tony Dunne will take on a trip down memory lane as he explores 100 years of the Mohawk Trail. I will take you on the waters of the Quabbin Reservoir with former Swift River Valley resident Bob Wilder as he remembers the 5 de-commissioned Villages that now sit at the bottom of the Quabbin Reservoir. These are just a few of the great stories we share with you every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights on Connecting Point.

Thanks for watching and enjoy the Holidays.