In this week’s digital extra, we hear from the three artists participating in Pittsfield’s final First Fridays Artswalk of the season, to learn about their individual styles and experience as artists. 

Watch our full feature on the December 2021 First Fridays ArtsWalk.

 Read the full transcription:

Ilene Richard, Artist/Illustrator: I definitely have a very graphic approach to my work, I mean, because I’ve been an illustrator forever. I’m a published children’s book illustrator, so I — I definitely have a narrative quality to my work.

I definitely — my paintings tell a story without actually telling a story, because that’s the way my brain works. I like being able to have that kind of interaction between the viewer and the people that I depict in my in my paintings.

I would also consider my work, in some cases, kind of pop art-ish. It kind of leans towards that in that direction as well.

Scott Taylor, Artist: My dad was a CPA and a pretty successful businessman. And I — when I approached him and said, “Gee, I want to go to college, here’s my two choices.” He made the selection, because he said as an artist, you’d never make any money.

And and he — he wasn’t completely right. But quite honestly, this has been the most difficult business that I’ve ever been in. But it’s one I would never look back on.

Shany Porras, Artist: I am an abstract artist. I do a variety of types of abstracts because I translate music into paintings.

So, that means that sometimes a piece of music will be very geometric and straight lines, and sometimes the music is very soft and moody. And so, I have much more of an abstract landscape kind of feel.

So, I tend to go through a variety of abstract works throughout the year. And…a lot of it just has to do with what piece of music I’m listening to and what I feel like translating.