Here in western New England, we have felt winter’s full effect with several snowstorms and frigid temperatures over the last few weeks. Some New Englanders like to stay warm inside during wintry weather, but not Dave Rothstein.   

Snow provides Rothstein a chance to create his favorite artwork — snow sculptures. After a recent storm, Connecting Point’s Ross Lippman headed to Heath, MA to see how Rothstein turned over two tons of snow in into his latest sculpture.   

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Zydalis Bauer, Connecting Point: We’ve been feeling winter’s full effect the last few weeks in western New England, with several snowstorms and frigid temperatures. While some prefer to stay indoors where it’s warm, Dave Rothstein does not.

The snow provides him the chance to create his favorite artwork, snow sculptures. Connecting Point’s Ross Lipmann met Rothstein in Heath to see how he turned over two tons of snow into his latest sculpture.

Dave Rothstein, Snow Sculptor: My name is Dave Rothstein, and we are here making a snow sculpture on Burnt Hill in Heath, Massachusetts.

In some respects, it’s a glorified snow person, and so, I think it’s art; it’s a creative outlet and anyone can do it. So, I don’t think of it as an elevated form of art; it’s not high art, it’s just a wonderful way to pass the winter and enjoy it when you’re getting some cabin fever.

I imagine it’s going to be at least two, 12 hours days, and then maybe another third day going up top. It’s amazing the structural integrity of snow, when you compress it down, the things you can do.

Oh, the views are stunning. It’s got a soul of its own.

Dave Rothstein: I was going to do it oriented that way, so you could see it from the house.

Kristi Nartowicz, Burnt Hill Blueberry Farm: Yup.

Dave Rothstein: But this view with the trees…

Kristi Nartowicz: We’ve had a lot of inquiries. We’ve put it out there on Instagram and and Facebook. You know what this is going to be? People are really excited to see what is.

Dave Rothstein: How are you doing?

Doris Madsen, Easthampton, MA Resident: We like to winter ride, and it was a great destination.

Well, it’s like life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Life gives you snow, you make snow sculptures. And he happens to be somebody who does it. I don’t do it. But, you know, it’s fun to watch somebody else get pleasure out of all this work.

Dave Rothstein: Is looking exactly the way it should. So, I’m super excited about that.

It’s so nice to have all my friends out here.

Looks like it’s supposed to look, and finished on time. It’s not a cloudy day, three dimensional. It has color just like it was designed. So it’s nice when it comes out that way.