Ponderings from Carrie’s Desk …

Well, here we are. Connecting Point’s second season is officially underway. Although we have been capturing stories from the field all summer and back in the studio taping segments the past few weeks, Monday was our first night back on the air.

(A little behind-the-scenes info: we tape portions of each show daily to be aired later that evening. That’s because while we are not a straight news broadcast we do want to embrace the happenings of the region in a timely way and bring you the most relevant perspectives possible.)

We strive to bring you original perspectives. Here’s one from 13,500 feet.

I enjoy this photo (thanks to Keith Thivierge of Jumptown) for its realism. You can see the fear that instinctively welled up as I stepped to the edge of that plane and spied the landscape below. Cue pounding heart…
Before I could answer the question I was then posing to myself, ‘Hmmm…Is this really a good idea?’ I was out of the plane, rushing through the air at 120 miles per hour and thoroughly enjoying myself.

Hey come to think of it, that rush is similar to stepping in front of a camera. And while I might be a while before I jump from a plane again there’s the opportunity to catch a buzz and share it with you, our viewers, here at WGBY every day. Keep watching.