In this digital extra, Kaylyn, better known as KP, was not all that comfortable being in front of the camera — but as queer, non-binary person helping to construct the wooden sailboat Arabella, they felt that people should know who they are and see the work that they are doing. 

Witness the wooden sailboat come together in our full feature on the Acorn to Arabella project 

Read the full transcript:

Kaylyn/KP Palella, Acorn to Arabella: Something that was also important to me about taking on this project that I don’t normally talk about, but here we are. I… wasn’t excited about the YouTube portion.

Like, not super comfortable, but it felt important to be a queer, non-binary person doing a thing in front of people so, other people like me could say, “Wow, that person is doing it! Maybe I could.” Because I’ve never met anybody like me doing what I’m doing.

So, I never thought I could. I never imagined doing… this. So, I hope that, you know, maybe somewhere along the way someone can see someone who looks like this, doing a thing and say, “Maybe I could do that.”