Roman Sadlowski: Lost Pittsfield World War II Veteran Found

Across America today, ceremonies are being held to honor the men and woman who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service of our country. But when a person is lost in the line of duty, they are not always brought back home. Scores of soldiers are listed as missing in action or their remains cannot be conclusively identified, resulting in years of unresolved pain for their families. Some question if their loved one is really gone and may hold out hope they will return home.

In Pittsfield, the family of Roman Sadlowski has spent eight decades without answers. Sadlowski, a sailor on the USS Oklahoma, was presumed dead after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor but his remains were never officially found. Last December, breakthroughs in DNA technology officially identified Sadlowski as one of the unknown soldiers buried in the National Memorial Cemetary of the Pacific.

Sadlowski’s surviving relatives spoke to Connecting Point’s Ross Lipman about what it’s like to finally get answers about the day that led the United States to enter World War II, and the 18-year-old they lost.  

This segment originally aired on May 27, 2019.