With a career spanning over six decades, the Blind Boys of Alabama are one of the world’s best-known African American Gospel groups — and they’ll be at the UMass Amherst Fine Arts Center this Friday (September 16).

Member Ricky McKinnie previews the upcoming show and what audiences can expect at a Blind Boys performance. Be sure to catch the full interview next week #onNEPM!

Read the full transcript:

Zydalis Bauer, Connecting Point: Ricky, this Friday, September 16th, the Blind Boys of Alabama will be performing at the Frederick C. Tillis Hall in UMass Amherst.

What are you most excited about this performance and how will the audience really feel the transformative power of music while they’re watching the Blind Boys of Alabama on stage?

Ricky McKinnie, The Blind Boys of Alabama: Well, I’m excited about coming back to Massachusetts again. You know, we’ve been all over the country and we have friends throughout Massachusetts.

But I want to say to those who are coming, we’re going to have a good time. If you feel like dancing, you’re going to be able to dance, if you feel like singing along with the Blind Boys, you’re going to be able to do that.

But most of all, if you’re feeling bad, you’re going to come back feeling good, because you’re going to see some feel-good music. We got music from Ben Harper, Curtis Mayfield, The Blind Boys. This music that’s going to make you feel good.

So — and don’t miss it when the Boys are back in town.