In this digital extra, Pancake Sundaes’ kitchen manager Frank Baldwin talks about overcoming addiction. Baldwin also shares how his family – and the restaurant – help him maintain his sobriety. 

Watch our full feature on Pancake Sundaes, a breakfast hot spot located in downtown Westfield. 

Read the full transcription:

Frank Baldwin, Pancake Sundaes: I struggled with addiction when I was younger and even into my twenties and thirties, but my family never gave up on me. They believed in me and through a lot of hard work and dedication, but also a lot of love, I was able to to get to get my life back in order.

And then my mom presented me this company — or the opportunity to open this company — and to really create something. So in a way, you know, I owe my sobriety and my — my newfound life to Pancake Sundaes because, you know, something I didn’t realize in…when I was struggling when I was younger was, that it’s –it’s a job every day. You know, it’s hard work every day. You got to get your butt up and put that effort in. You know, everything worth having, you got to work for, you know?

So , I’m truly blessed to have my family and my girlfriend and all my, you know, my extended family with the customers. They’ve been a huge, huge part of our lives. You know, it’s — we may only be here Friday, Saturday, and Sunday open right now, but, you know, they — they send me messages.

They’re always encouraging. They’re always looking for that next thing that we’re going to do.