The production crew at Connecting Point works hard to bring you stories of the people, places and ideas that matter most to western New England all season long, but we do moonlight from time to time and work on other endeavors. This weekend was just such an occasion:

brian and eileen

Eileen Curran and Brian Corridan host WGBY’s broadcast of the 65th Holyoke St. Patrick’s Parade

The 65th Holyoke St. Patrick’s Parade is a western New England institution, and for many years WGBY has been privileged to broadcast the parade so that folks far and wide (some from as far away as France and Singapore!) can enjoy the incredible display of pride showcased on the streets of Holyoke every March.

parade zonecameras and street

Connecting Point producer Dave Fraser leads a hardworking team of television professionals that set up early every Parade weekend, marshaling lots of lights, microphones and equipment to create a remote live broadcast encampment in order to bring you the sights and sounds that are the hallmark of the Holyoke parade. Everyone lends a hand: from WGBY Deputy GM Lynn Page who serves as Assistant Director, to Connecting Point contributor Monte Belmonte who interviewed observers and participants along the parade route. And this year our very own Jim Madigan was honored by the parade, serving as Parade Marshal for his hometown of Westfield!

trucks ste up control room

It’s all part of the mission here at Connecting Point and WGBY: to bring the stories of your community, and the things that you know, love, and hold dear right to your living room (or computer, laptop, or mobile device). To educate, entertain, and inform you. And to share a piece of fried dough, wave to a colleen, and cheer on a marching band or two with you, as well!