In this week’s digital exclusive, North Adams resident Wayne Arnold reflects on the most lasting memories from his Arnold Family Christmas Display. The annual holiday tradition came a close this past Christmas after 30 years. 

Witness the magic of the Arnold Family Christmas Display in our full feature on the holiday lighting extravaganza. 

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Wayne Arnold, Arnold Family Christmas Display: You probably don’t realize what an impact it can have on a family or the neighborhood or the community.

That didn’t hit me until probably ten years into this.

More and more people came. The internet became popular and more and more people learned about us, came up and had fun.

You know, listening to the laughter, the kids was always good. Nothing like the sound of a laughing kid, as far as I’m concerned.

You know, as a family guy, it’s good to see that my family, like — liked what we were doing and wanted to carry it on.