Please note that some of the stories and images in this segment are graphic and may not be suitable for younger or more sensitive audiences. 

On April 11, GI Jews: Jewish Americans in WWII will air on WGBY and PBS stations across the country. In conjunction with this program, WGBY and Connecting Point bring you the story of western Mass Jewish American WWII veteran David Cohen. A 100-year old resident of Longmeadow, MA, Cohen says throughout his life he has tried to keep one thing in mind: “I swore I would never hate anyone.” 

Cohen served as a communications expert in the U.S Army during WWII. Of all his missions, the one that stands out is his unit’s experience at the Ohrdruf Concentration Camp. Here, Cohen saw the unimaginable—and tried to capture it all with his camera. Cohen shares his experience, and his personal photos from the mission with Connecting Point’s Dave Fraser.  

This story originally aired on April 10, 2018.