Henry Zanetti is 94 years old and a World War II Veteran. His family moved him to the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home following the death of his wife in 2019, and a broken arm last July. His daughter, and health care proxy, Mary Klicka told us that because of that tremendous change, routine has become vitally important. But she learned that routine was upended last week when Zanetti was abruptly moved to a floor without telephone access.  

Klicka said she spent several long days worrying, prohibited from visiting, and unable to speak with her father or get an update on his care from anyone at the Soldiers Home. Zanetti called Klicka from a borrowed phone Monday morning, before news of an COVID-19 outbreak made headlines. As of Monday (March 30), thirteen veterans have died. Six of the thirteen the tested positive for coronavirus. Klicka spoke with Connecting Point on Tuesday about her concerns.