Turnabout is fair play, as the saying goes, so when John Krol – host of the Good Morning Pittsfield radio and TV show – asked me to be a guest on his show, I could hardly say no, now could I? After all, I’d just asked him to let me interview him! Let’s be honest: it’s really not fair for me to expect somebody to do something that I wouldn’t do myself. And I ask people to let me interview them just about every single day…

TD on GMP 1

WGBY Producer Tony Dunne is interviewed by John Krol on “Good Morning Pittsfield”


I’m not fond of being in front of the camera, it’s one of those necessary evils that “comes with the job” from time to time. Radio and television interviews, public speaking… these are all things that don’t come naturally or easily to me, and definitely push the boundaries of my comfort zone. I’m asked to do these kinds of things on a semi-regular basis, and because I love what I do, I invariably end up doing them. But every time I do one of these things, it’s never as uncomfortable as I’d imagined going into it, and I usually learn something new to add to my own repertoire of interview skills. And sometimes – just sometimes – I actually even enjoy it a little bit!

The interview was great, and John was a gracious host. He put me at ease, and I wasn’t nearly as apprehensive or self-conscious as I was afraid I’d be. Honestly, what was I ever really worried about? The unknown. Not being in control of the situation. Going out of my aforementioned comfort zone.

Breaking out of one’s comfort zone is a good thing – as hard as it might be sometimes. Change and growth don’t come easy, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned: it’s well worth the effort.