We’re taking a break this week from bringing Connecting Point to you over the airwaves, as WGBY presents our March fundraising drive (and please consider supporting us if you can; we simply can’t do the work we do without your help!), but behind the scenes the work continues. Some of the stories we’re working on as I write this are: a look at both sides of the controversial battle over the proposal to rename the Turners Falls High School mascot; a discussion on the growing concerns regarding childhood obesity; the new “West Mass” branding of the region; and even a preview of WGBY’s upcoming broadcast of the legendary Holyoke St. Patrick’s Parade. These stories are just the tip of the iceberg – there’s lots more on tap when we return to airwaves on March 13th!

We’re also bringing you a special hour-long back-to-back airing this week of our popular “Gone But Not Forgotten” series, featuring our most popular stories about things, places, and institutions near and dear to us all that are no longer with us. Tune in at 9pm on Tuesday night for a nostalgic trip back in time to listen to WCCC Radio, open a page of the North Adams Transcript, race around the Riverside Speedway, or ski down the slopes of the Mt. Tom Ski Area!

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Turn the radio dial backwards in time to listen to the DJs of WCCC in our “Gone But Not Forgotten” special episode this week!

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