This week, our producers reveal their favorite stories from 2022.

Originally more well known for her iconic red hat, Sarah Michel is now known as Sarah the Fiddler. Meet Sarah and hear how she blends elements of classical, bluegrass, and Celtic music to create a unique sound.

Then, explore the life and legacy of Hollywood special effects wizard, filmmaker, inventor, and Berkshires resident Douglas Trumbull, who passed away earlier this year at the age of 79.

And, learn how the Black Legacy Project, conceived in the Berkshires and rolling out nationally, brings artists from different backgrounds together to advance racial solidarity and equity.

Visit Debra Dunphy’s art studio on Race Street in Holyoke, where Dunphy has offered classes for amateur painters for nearly two decades.

Finally, glass artist Josh Simpson reflects on his fifty-year career of blowing lumps of molten glass into intricate, cosmically inspired works of art.