Civil Rights Activist Daniel Smith Reflects on Decades of Racial Justice Work  

Activist Daniel Smith is the son of a formerly enslaved person. Smith reflects on the nine decades of social justice work he’s witnessed, from the March on Washington to the election of the first Black president to the renewed calls for social justice during the recent Black Lives Matter protests.  

And more western Mass stories tonight…. 

The mayors of two of the largest cities in western Mass recently announced they will not seek re-election. Tonight, Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse talks about his decision not to run again and his plans after leaving office. 

Then, visit Maple Corner Farm in Granville where, despite COVID-19 restrictions, their opening weekend for cross country skiing and snow shoeing was a success. 

Finally, shorting stocks made headlines earlier this month, when a group of Reddit investors threw Wall Street into chaos by betting big on stock for gaming retailer GameStop. St. Germain Investment’s Matt Farkas explains the complex subject of shorting a stock and what exactly happened with the GameStop saga.