In Pursuit of the American Dream on West Springfield’s Main Street 

At first glance, Main Street in West Springfield may seem like just another street in Anytown USA. But upon closer inspection, you’ll find there’s an ethnic makeup that runs the gamut from Myanmar to Romania and all points in between.    

Meet two of the street’s shopkeepers with two entirely different stories, but one similar pursuit: the American Dream. 

And more Western Mass stories tonight…. 

The recent Atlanta spa shooting, in which six of eight victims were of Asian descent, has people talking about the rise of anti-Asian violence in the United States. Mount Holyoke Professor Iyko Day shares her perspective on the issue.  

Then, after nearly dying in a car accident, Lee Native Khali Zabian is taking the small steps to one day walk on her own thanks to a unique rehabilitation program: therapeutic horseback riding at Blue Rider Stables. 

Finally, Congressman Jim McGovern joins us to discuss the recent mass shootings in Atlanta and Colorado and the chances or more restrictive federal gun laws passing this year. McGovern also discusses the President Joe Biden’s sweeping $2 trillion infrastructure and jobs package.