In this digital extra, we learn about Bracigliano , the little village in Salerno, Italy, that produced so much of the Italian population in Springfield’s South End area. 

Explore the colorful history and vibrant Italian American community of Springfield’s South End in our full feature on the neighborhood. 

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Rico Daniele, Mom and Rico’s Market: In the South End Springfield, way back there was there was 67 businesses from that little village of Bracigliano. Red Rose was our next-door neighbor, a little town of Bracigliano in Italy.  Liquori’s, Napoli, Family Pizza, Sorrento in West Springfield, La Fiorentina Pastry Shop next door to me — my uncle there, next door.

We’re all from that little place Mom and Rico’s Market, where I’m from. That’s where I started.

Mauro Daniele, La Fiorentina Pastry Shop: The village was called Bracigliano. It’s where my mother and father’s families are from.

It’s a small town in the province of Salerno, which is southern Italy. About 40, 45 minutes south of Naples.

And I’d venture to say there’s more people from Bracigliano in the city of Springfield than there are actually in Bracigliano now. It’s a town of maybe five or 6,000 individuals.