Art-Bev-Co-op partner David Keramaty talks about how his background influenced his decision to get into the beverage business.

Explore how Artisan Beverage brews up tasty libations like ginger beer and kombucha in our full feature on the co-operative

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David Keramaty, Artisan Beverage Cooperative: So, I went to school for business management, but while I was there, I got a job as an assistant brewer at a small brewpub making beer in Waltham, Mass. And I just kind of fell in love with brewing.

I brewed there for a couple of years, got out for a little bit, see if I wanted to do something else.

And I got pulled back in and I moved out here in 2011 and started at this company back then making kombucha. And I’ve been an avid gardener and like working with food and understanding local food systems and so, while some of our products, like the kombucha, which uses sugar and tea, we’re not able to get locally, but we are able to select companies that share similar values and form partnerships with them as well.

Yeah, I think me personally, I get a lot of satisfaction from making that connection from the start, sourcing the ingredients all the way up to having something for people to enjoy.