Downtown Pittsfield Inc‘s Managing Director Rebecca Brien discusses the challenges of staying relevant in the digital age, as well as the benefits to having a successful event like the downtown cleanup in this digital extra.  

See Berkshire County volunteers in action in our full story about the 2022 Pittsfield Clean-up Day hosted by Downtown Pittsfield, Inc. 

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Rebecca Brien, Downtown Pittsfield, Inc.: Really, a lot of it is social media. You know, we have a large presence on, of course, Facebook and Instagram and all of those things that people nowadays go to — to find their information. You know, they’re not opening up a newspaper as much anymore. They’re not reading their mail that they come in.

And so, it is really showing the people that are here, you know, with fun and exciting things — whether it be a downtown cleanup, whether it be a First Friday’s Artwalk or a Third Thursday — those are all things that are bringing people to downtowns nowadays. And you really have to put it out there in that social media network for people to know what’s going on.

It’s a pride in where you live. It’s a pride where you work. It’s a pride in the downtown areas. You know, it is such a vibrant location. You know, we have so many organizations and businesses here that want things to look good, feel good, and to bring more people downtown.