As we enter the Holiday Season it is typically a time for many of us to stop and think about the things in our lives that we are thankful for. At Connecting Point we hope that you will share some of your thoughts with us by posting them on our web site. This year, with the natural disasters that have befallen the region – a tornado, flooding, and most recently a snow storm – we thought you might have a personal story to relate. As one of the producers for the Connecting Point program I see and hear about lot of good things being done in our community, unfortunately many of those things go un-noticed. Recently host Carrie Saldo and I visited the Mayflower Marathon a food drive for the Open Pantry that has been organized by local radio station rock 102 for nearly two decades. It’s events like that that really show the spirit of the holidays and the spirit of this community. We hope to bring you more like this in the coming month.

Look for our “Community Spirit” button on our web site and feel free to click it and share you story of Communitys Spirit.