On the Road in Southern Vermont: Hurricane Irene 5 Year Anniversary

On August 28th, 2011, Hurricane Irene hit Southern Vermont, creating a flood of unimaginable proportions, devastating many of the rural communities which make up this region, like Wilmington and Jamaica. The flooding cut off major access roads throughout that part of the state, and laid waste to many homes and businesses. Five years later, the recovery is significant, but the scars are still visible and the memories remain. Producer Tony Dunne and Videographer Mark Langevin take a look at the aftermath of Hurricane Irene on its fifth anniversary.

Psychologist Patricia Martin

Psychologist Patricia Martin discusses her latest book, “Liars Cheats and Creeps: Leaving the Sociopath Behind,” a book aimed at helping very successful women escape from bad relationships.

CISA: On Buying Local Food

Jeremy Barker Plotkin of Simple Gifts Farm in Amherst and Devon Whitney-Deal, Local Hero Program Manager for CISA, sit down with Carolee McGrath to discuss why buying local food benefits both the consumer and the economy.

Western Mass. Coaching Alliance

Mary Lou Meddaugh and Grant Ingle, Co-Chairs of the Western Mass. Coaching Alliance discuss how their organization provides specialized assistance and advice to businesses, institutions, and individuals through certified local experts.