Legalized Marijuana in Amherst

Massachusetts voters approved a ballot measure last fall making the use of recreational marijuana legal in the Commonwealth. While part of the law went into effect on December 15, the retail component was not set to go into effect until 2018. Lawmakers worked quickly at the end of December to file legislation delaying the implementation of parts of the law by 6 months. This comes as many towns and cities are trying to figure out how they will be impacted by potential stores selling marijuana and edible products. The Amherst select board is raising concerns, in a town which overwhelmingly supported the measure. Carolee McGrath sat down with Amherst Select Board Chair Alisa Brewer and Select Board member Connie Kruger to learn more.

Unique Museums: Museum of Our Industrial Heritage

Located in the oldest mill building in Greenfield, the Museum of Our Industrial Heritage preserves and promotes the history of industrial manufacturing in Franklin County and the Pioneer Valley. Museum director James Terapane took Producer Tony Dunne and Videographer Mark Langevin on a guided tour of this rich heritage for our “Unique Museums” series.

Habitat for Humanity

Megan McDonough, Executive Director of Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity, and Walt Kohler, HFH Building Committee Chair and long-time volunteer, discuss upcoming activities planned in Greenfield and Amherst and the work the organization does to help more people have homes of their own.

Shay’s Rebellion Anniversary

Following the Revolutionary War, there was unrest in America, leading to an uprising called Shay’s Rebellion. Taking place mostly in the Springfield area, the Rebellion took place from 1786 to 1786. Daniel Shays, a decorated Revolutionary War captain, helped lead a rebellion against excessive taxes and unjust court actions. January 25 marks the anniversary of the march on the Springfield Arsenal, now known as the Springfield Armory, led by Daniel Shays. Carolee McGrath sat down with park rangers Susan Ashman and Joanne Gangi-Wellman to learn more about Shays’ Rebellion and its importance in the early days of America.