Gone But Not Forgotten: Rice Fruit Farm

Jesse Rice opened his farm stand in Wilbraham in the late 1800’s, and for nearly a century residents of the town flocked to the stand for fresh local produce and the delicious baked goods for which it became known. A family tradition for residents in the area, Rice’s closed after years of service and its loss was lamented by many. But now, the Maloni family has given the old farm stand a new lease on life. Producers Carolee McGrath and Dave Fraser and Videographer Marc Rhinehart share the story of Rice Fruit Farm.

Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse on Legalized Marijuana

While many communities are trying to figure out how they will handle the new marijuana law, when it comes to the retail aspect, the mayor of Holyoke is welcoming it as a potential business opportunity for the city. Carolee McGrath sat down with Mayor Alex Morse to hear his perspective and how he thinks legalized marijuana could be an economic benefit to his city.

North Adams and the Small Business Revolution

Like many towns throughout the state, the city of North Adams has struggled economically, with traditional manufacturing jobs disappearing along with the huge industrial businesses that used to provide them. In the wake of this, North Adams has been looking to reinvent itself – and it may now have a unique opportunity to help do just that. The Small Business Revolution, an online series devoted to entrepreneurship, has named North Adams one of five finalists in their competition to give five hundred thousand dollars to a deserving city towards its downtown revitalization. Suzy Helme, Events Coordinator for the city of North Adams, and Julia Dixon, creative economy specialist and North Adams Public Arts Commission member, spoke with Carolee McGrath about this exciting opportunity for the city.

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