Off the Beaten Path: Skinnerville

Connecting Point’s “Off The Beaten Path” continues with a look at Skinnerville, a typical mill village of the mid-nineteenth century that was located along the banks of the Mill River near Williamsburg, Haydenville and Leeds.

In 1874, a catastrophic event would wipe Skinnerville off the map and today nothing more than a plaque on a rock and a few property markers are left. Producer Dave Fraser talks with Williamsburg Historian Ralmond Jon Black to learn more about this intriguing village located “Off the Beaten Path.”

Amherst Sanctuary Community Vote, Opposed

On Monday, we heard from supporters of a petition before Amherst residents which would make Amherst a sanctuary community. Tonight, we hear from the other side. Peter Vickery, who became a citizen of the United States in 2003, opposes the petition. The lawyer and member of the Chamber of Commerce said it flies in the face of the rule of law. He sat down with Carolee McGrath to tell us his concerns.

Northampton Community Television’s 7 Day Film Spirit

Al Williams from Northampton Community Television sits down to talk about their upcoming “7 Day Film Sprint” where participants have 7 days to write, cast, shoot, and edit a 5 minute film.

Itzhak Perlman Donates to Yiddish Book Center

Susan Bronson, Executive Director of the Yiddish Book Center, discusses the special financial gift directed to the Center by world-famous violinist Itzhak Perlman.