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American Graduate: Sci Tech’s Gary Bernice

In January 2007, Springfield’s Sci Tech High School had a band of about 20 members. Since UMass grad Gary Bernice joined the school the program has grown to over 500 students. The band has received recognition from all over Western Mass. Known as the “Pride of Springfield”; students also focus on developing leadership skills that go beyond the classroom. Connecting Point Contributor Carolee McGrath talks with Band leader Gary Bernice and several of its members to find out how the band has helped the students evolve as both musicians and people.

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American Graduate


Mohawk Trail

October 22nd marks the 100th anniversary of the world-famous Mohawk Trail, which runs from the Berkshires to Boston along historic Route 2. Berkshires writer Lauren Stevens explains the creation and history of this iconic autumn leaf-peeping route to producer Tony Dunne and videographer Dave Fraser.

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Lost Towns of the Quabbin: Boat Ride

This segment is part of our special series about the 75th anniversary of the Quabbin Reservoir. View more segments at the “Lost Towns of the Quabbin” archive.

Producer Dave Fraser and videographer Mark Langevin travel by boat across the Quabbin Reservoir with former residents of the Swift River Valley. The trip explores some of the remains of the four towns of Enfield Dana Prescott and Greenwich. Former Resident Bob Wilder reflects on his time in the Valley and how the construction of this Reservoir still impacts him today. Cliff Read, DCR Quabbin Program Coordinator, is also featured.

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New England Legends: Ventfort Hall


Built by the J.P. Morgan family, Lenox’s Ventfort Hall is a Gilded Age mansion with ties to the legendary Massachusetts 54th regiment from the Civil War and was host to the people who shaped and molded this country at the turn of the century – the Vanderbilts and the Rockerfellers of the era. And if you’re a movie fan, it was even featured as the titular setting for the Hollywood blockbuster The Cider House Rules. As Legend Hunter extraordinaire Jeff Belanger shows us, in addition to its amazing history it’s also said to be a location for restless spirits.

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Celebrating Winter Sports: Thunderbolt Ski Trail

The Thunderbolt ski Trail on Mt. Greylock was created by the Civilian Conservation Corp in the 1930’s. After hosting worlds class skiers for many years it fell by the way side but recently it has seen resurgence in popularity.  Producer Tony Dunne and videographer Mark Langevin share the story.