Frontline’s Raney Aronson

Frontline is one of the best known and most cherished series in public broadcasting, often investigating topics that receive little attention elsewhere on television. The series is produced by WGBH and is distributed nationwide by PBS. Deputy Executive Producer Raney Aronson joins host Aliz Koletas in studio to discuss the series 30th anniversary

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Springfield Public Forum Speaker Michael Moss

Springfield Public Forum speaker Michael Moss, author of “Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us” joins us in studio.

Lost Towns of the Quabbin: Boat Ride

Producer Dave Fraser and videographer Mark Langevin travel by boat across the Quabbin Reservoir with former residents of the Swift River Valley.  The trip explores some of the remains of the four towns of Enfield Dana Prescott and Greenwich. Former Resident Bob Wilder reflects on his time in the Valley and how the construction of this Reservoir still impacts him today. Cliff Read, DCR Quabbin Program Coordinator, is also featured.

Friends of the Quabbin

Quabbin Photographer Les Campbell

In the late 1940’s, Les’s passion for photography grew out of his first hobby of “birding.” It was his fascination with birds that drew him to the camera as a means of recording and sharing his enjoyment of their beauty. His search for photographic subjects quickly expanded to encompass all of nature, people and landscapes. Les Campbell has been photographing the Quabbin Reservoir most of his adult life. His work can be seen in his Sky Meadow studio in Belchertown as well as the Quabbin Visitor Center.