Veterans Coming Home: Veteran Victory Farm

Last season we introduced you to Leslie Lightfoot, the founder and CEO of Veteran Homestead. Lightfoot has created six unique facilities for Veterans in New England and Puerto Rico, and her hope is to replicate these across the country. Last month producer Dave Fraser visited one of these facilities, a farm in Fitzwilliam, NH. The farm is one of several programs of Veteran Homestead, Inc., a private non-profit that treats veterans for medical and psychological problems. The veterans who live and work on the farm arrived because no other therapy and counseling programs worked for them. Many ended up there because they are homeless, and have substance abuse issues, as a result of trying to cope with post-traumatic stress or traumatic brain injuries.

Veteran Homestead
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Governor Charlie Baker

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker talks with Connecting Point host Jim Madigan about approaches to attacking the opioid addiction crisis, his opposition to a possible state referendum on legalizing marijuana, his support for lifting the cap on charter schools, and the race for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

Office of the Governor
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Through the Lens of the Republican Photographers

Republican Photographers Michael Gordon and Don Treeger discuss some of the images that they both captured while covering the funeral for Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Sullivan in July of this year. They will also share some of their more memorable photos at this year’s Big E in an exclusive on-line exclusive segment.

MassLive/The Republican

Making It Here: Nick’s Nest

Nick’s Nest has been a Holyoke institution since 1921, serving up hot dogs and popcorn to hungry residents throughout the Pioneer Valley. Producer Tony Dunne and Videographer Mark Langevin sat down with current owner Jenn Chateauneuf to find out just how they are keeping the Nick’s Nest tradition alive.

Nick’s Nest
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