Affordable Care Act/ObamaCare, Part 2

Nicole Miner, an employee benefits consultant from Dowd Financial Services, answers viewer questions about the new healthcare laws and the responsibilities of the both the employee and employer.

Astronomy Professor Daniela Calzetti

Daniela Calzetti, an astronomy professor from UMass, talks about space in conjunction with this week’s space-themed NOVA programming. A specialist in how galaxies are formed, Calzetti is known worldwide for “Calzetti’s Law,” a tool she developed in the mid-1990s that, allows astronomers to estimate how much information they are missing due to dust obscuring probes of very distant galaxies. She explains what exactly is outer space, why we send telescopes to space, how she is able to use the Hubble Space Telescope to “image nearby galaxies from the ultraviolet to the red.”

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“One Hundred Years of Jewish Life in the Valley” Exhibit at the Springfield Museums

Stuart Anfang, past president of Temple Beth-El in Springfield, joins us to discuss the temple’s Centennial celebrations and a new exhibit he curated at the Springfield Museums: “One Hundred Years of Jewish Life in the Valley: From Shtetl to Suburb.” He talks about how Jewish immigrants came to this area, the growth of the of the Jewish community in size and influence from the early 20th century to present, and the impact that World War II had on Springfield’s Jewish community.

Latchis Theatre

The Latchis Theatre and Latchis Hotel are part of the historic Latchis Memorial Building, built in 1938 as “A Town within a Town – Under One Roof,” and listed on the National Register of Historic Buildings. Connecting Point takes a look at recent renovations to this Green Mountain state treasure.

The Latchis Theatre and Latchis Hotel