Student Prince Re-Opening

Business Partners Andy Yee and Peter Picknelly join Student Prince former owner Rudy Scherff for a lively discussion about the future of The Student Prince Restaurant, more commonly known as The Fort. The three plan to reopen the iconic downtown landmark Nov. 26, the night prior to Thanksgiving and the start of The Fort’s traditional busy holiday season.

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Springfield Public Forum Speak Adam Minter

Springfield Public Forum speaker journalist Adam Minter, the son of a junkyard owner, discusses his book, “Junk Yard Planet: Travels in the Billion Dollar Trash Trade”, and how the trash trade is transforming the world economy and environment.

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Founder Sandy Newman and Executive Director Margaret Keller talk about Great Barrington-based CATA -(-Community Access to the Arts) which nurtures and celebrates the creativity of people with disabilities through shared experiences in the visual and performing arts.


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