Springfield’s New Police Commissioner

After seven years of being Springfield’s police commissioner, William Fitchet is retiring and Mayor Sarno selected Deputy Chief John Barbieri to be the new police commissioner, effective June 1st.

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Banning “Bossy”

Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook and author of the best-selling book “Lean In,” is spearheading the launch of a campaign to ban the word “bossy,” arguing the negative put-down stops girls from pursuing leadership roles. Some aren’t on board with this idea saying there are more important issues to worry about in equalizing the playing field for women. Dr. Susan Whitbourne, Psychology Professor at UMass Amherst and bestselling author explains this new trend.

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Springfield Armory: “The Address”

WGBY just hosted an exciting event with Civil War firing reenactments at Springfield Armory as we prepare for the upcoming Ken Burns documentary “The Address.” Historian Rich Colton from Springfield Armory tells us about the role they played in the Civil War.

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Intent to Deceive: Fakes and Forgeries in the Art World

A ground-breaking exhibition at the Springfield Museums spotlights some of the world’s most notorious con artists, illuminating their dubious legacies, and examining how their talents, charm, and audacity beguiled and assaulted the art world for much of the 20th century through the present day. Connecting Point contributor Jared Bowen from WGBH brings us the story.

Intent to Deceive