Making It Here: Fire Cider

For years, Dana St. Pierre used his grandmother’s recipe for an old New England apple cider vinegar tonic to support his immune system and health. After first sharing with family and friends, demand grew and grew, and now the Pittsfield-based Fire Cider has taken off… and in a big way. Producer Tony Dunne and Videographer Mark Langevin visited the makers of Fire Cider to find out how a home remedy turned into a burgeoning local business.

Indiana Primary Update

After last week’s Indiana primary, Ted Cruz and John Kasich ended their presidential bids – leaving Donald Trump unopposed and the presumptive Republican nominee for the White House. As this unusual political year progresses, Jim Madigan sits down with former political consultant/now media strategist Paul Robbins to share his perspective on the fall campaign that is taking shape.

Springfield Museums Photo Exhibit

The D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts at Springfield’s Quadrangle is hosting a unique photographic exhibit called “Photo-Secession: Painterly Masterworks of Turn-of-the-Century Photography.” The exhibit features photos dating back more than a century to a time when the nature of photography as an art form was first developing. Curator Julia Courtney came in to tell us more.

PTSD & First Responders

Law enforcement officers and first responders can have special concerns when dealing with military veterans suffering from PTSD, and a new program is trying to address those issues. Carolee McGrath sits down with Elizabeth Price and John Rocca from the Veterans Administration to find out more.