Making It Here: Crooked Stick Pops

After considering several business ventures in the food and beverage industry, Julie Tuman realized that the Valley was already saturated with bakeries, bars and restaurants, so she set her sights on something that would be fresh and healthy with brilliant flavors. It also had to be fun, and so Crooked Stick Pops was born. Producer Dave Fraser and Videographer Marc Rhinehart paid a visit the Pop Kitchen for this Making It Here report.

Crooked Stick Pops
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Dr. Robert Roose: An Update on the Opioid Epidemic

Last year, Governor Baker signed new legislation addressing the opioid epidemic that has devastated families and claimed lives throughout the state. Dr. Robert Roose, Vice President of Behavioral Health at Mercy Medical Center, has been on the forefront of the issue and was on the governor’s working committee. He sat down with Carolee McGrath to talk about Mercy’s plans to expand opioid treatment and recovery programs.

Viewpoint with Ron Chimelis

MassLive and Republican “Viewpoint” columnist Ron Chimelis sits down with Jim Madigan to discuss some of the recent stories he’s covered.

“Screenagers” Screening in Easthampton

On March 28th, the movie “Screenagers” will be shown at Easthampton High School, presented by the Easthampton Healthy Youth Coalition. The filmmaker, who is a doctor and mother, documents the risks of the new technology that has most teens (and many adults) attached to their phones, constantly looking down, texting, snap-chatting and otherwise distracted. Carolee McGrath sat down with Jon Norman, the adjustment counselor at White Brook Elementary School, and Healthy Youth Coalition coordinator Ruth Ever.