Martin Luther King Family Services, Inc.

Executive Director Ronn Johnson and Director of Education and After-School Programs Janice Watson for Martin Luther King Family Services, Inc. discuss their programs for the youth of the community as well as the many other services they provide.

Wired West and Broadband Access

WiredWest Executive Board members Tim Newman of New Marlboro, MA and Bob Labrie of Goshen, MA discuss the latest developments in their organizations on-going efforts to spearhead bringing Internet Broadband service to many of the smallest communities in western Massachusetts.

The Big Broadcast

Mark Gionfriddo and Brian Lapis talk about The Big Broadcast, the annual tribute to the 1940s radio show at Mount Holyoke College that has become a local tradition. This year, The Big Broadcast will take place on March 5th.

Project 351

Project 351 is made up of middle school students throughout the Commonwealth who reflect values of compassion, commitment, humility and kindness. Carolee McGrath sat down with two of the four students chosen from Springfield, Damien Gonzalez of South End Middle School and Laila Kibodya from Chestnut Talented and Gifted Middle School, and South End Middle School Instructional Leadership Specialist Janine Yawson to learn more about the program, and what lies ahead for them for the next year.