Carol Freedman is one of over 100 poets who participated the Center for New Americans’ 30 Poems in November event last year.  

Freedman reads “Looking for Humanity,” a poem she wrote for the fundraiser. 

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Read the full transcription:

Looking for Humanity

I’ve been looking for humanity
I think it was once here
But every place I’ve searched for it
All I’ve found is fear.

It wasn’t in Kenosha
Neither in Detroit
Or even in Kentucky, Ohio
Virginia, Texas, Colorado
So where is it hiding, where did it go?

I asked the Proud Boys,
The Oath Keepers, the Neo-Nazis too
I reminded them God crowned thy good in brotherhood
And shed his grace on thee
They told me not to worry,
That they are keeping Brotherhood and Grace safe
With riot gear, helmets, boots, assault rifles
And with white supremacy
From sea to shining sea.

With bleeding soul and trembling hand
On bended knee I take my stand
I take the knee for you and me
Against their white supremacy
Against all forms of bigotry
All forms throughout the land.

Oh beautiful for spacious skies
For amber waves of grain
Oh beautiful Humanity
We need you back again.