Connecting Point’s “On the Road” series takes viewers to the little-known areas of western New England that make our region such a great place to live.

On the Road in North Quabbin: The Country Store in Petersham

The Country Store in Petersham officially opened for business in the fall of 1840. Since then, many storeowners have come and gone, but remarkably, most of them were also residents who were committed to the idea that the store was more than just a business: they believed in the store as a central gathering place in the heart of the community. This tradition continues today with chef/owner Ari Pugliese, and he talked about the Store with Carolee McGrath. Watch this segment online.

The Country Store in Petersham

On the Road in Southern Vermont: Hurricane Irene 5 Year Anniversary

On August 28th, 2011, Hurricane Irene hit Southern Vermont, creating a flood of unimaginable proportions, devastating many of the rural communities which make up this region, like Wilmington and Jamaica. The flooding cut off major access roads throughout that part of the state, and laid waste to many homes and businesses. Five years later, the recovery is significant, but the scars are still visible and the memories remain. Producer Tony Dunne and Videographer Mark Langevin take a look at the aftermath of Hurricane Irene on its fifth anniversary. Watch this segment online.

On the Road in Litchfield County: Five Points Gallery

Located in a historic downtown building, Five Points Gallery in Torrington, CT is a non-profit contemporary art gallery showcasing professional regional, national, and international visual artists. Producer Dave Fraser visited the Gallery recently and talked with Founding Executive Director Judith McElhone to learn how this gallery is shining a light on the arts and helping to bring a New England mill town back to life. Watch this segment online.

On the Road in North Quabbin: Historian J.R. Greene

The Quabbin Reservoir defines the North Quabbin region, from which it takes its name. Athol resident J.R. Greene, a local historian and the author of 16 books on the Quabbin, tells us the history of how the Quabbin came to be and why that piece of state history is important for future generations. Watch this segment online.