How many people do we have working on the show? You, our viewers see Carrie and Jim, our hosts, and Meghan, our Arts host, on air. But Connecting Point has become basically an all-hands-on-deck production here at WGBY.

Jim and Dave are the executive producers. So if you have a segment idea, chances are you’ll end up talking to one of them by phone or email. And we do want your ideas, seriously. That’s not just talk when we say that.

We also have Tony and Meagan M. as segment producers. Then there’s our amazing production staff: Keith, Mark, Marc, oh, and the producers all double as production staff. We always have some production interns that bust their butts to learn everything about tv production, and thank god they’re here.

Normally those field pieces you see are edited by Ray, but he’s been kinda busy off being a brand new dad! So our former employee Heather has been filling in on edit duties while he’s out.

And yours truly is your Web Manager, not just for Connecting Point, but for all of I’m trying to make sure to get as much info about the segments we air online for you, as well as the videos online asap in the best quality possible. I’m doing my best, we all are.

We hope you not only enjoy the work we’re doing, but let us know your thoughts on the show, what you’d like to see, what’s working, what’s not, etc. That’s what public television is all about. We’re here for you, and this is our community too.