Curator Madeline Calabrese gives us a behind the scenes look at how the team Harold Grinspoon Sculptures creates unique pieces of art that are visible throughout the Pioneer Valley in parks, town greens, and college campuses. 

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Madeline Calabrese, Curator, Harold Grinspoon Sculptures: In the beginning it was more, “How does this all work?”

What’s all the products we need? How long do they last? Who — who do we need for help? Where do we do this?

They don’t become a sculpture until we put them up, and this property is the staging area.

At the moment, curating is matching the best sculpture with the best exhibition opportunity. Sometimes, we’re evaluating properties that have contacted us that they would like some of his sculptures. So, we visit the property together and it’s making the connection with what they’re about and what his sculpture is about.

Sometimes, the sculpture matches is better than the name of the sculpture, so we’re — I always offered them the option if they want to change the name. But nobody’s taken that yet.

He only loans them. He doesn’t sell them. He doesn’t need to. He just enjoys the whole process.