In this digital exclusive, children’s author and poet Leslie Bulion shares some tips and tricks for children and adults on how to explore and get up close and personal with nature.  

Learn more about the Bulion and her latest book Serengeti Plains of Grass in our full interview with the author. 

Read the transcription:

Leslie Bulion, Children’s Author & Poet: I love to go outside and explore, and I take lots and lots of photographs when I do that.

And I also keep field journals and I draw what I see. And I make little notes about where I’ve seen it, and maybe what the critter was doing. And when I want to draw something, I can put it in a bug viewer and then take a really close look at it and take my time drawing. And then, of course, you know, let it go back outside.

And, you know, bug season is just starting now, which is so fun! So you can get out and see things.

And of course you go with a buddy or a grown up, at night with a little headlamp on and you can see the critters that are nocturnal like spiders, which of course I love.

And if you don’t have a headlamp, you can just take a flashlight and hold it next to you. You just need to have it near your eyes. Look about 20 feet ahead and the spider’s eyes will be shining back at you.

So, that’s a great thing to do in the summertime.