Provided by JM Sorrell, anti-racism trainer at Sojourner Truth School for Social Change Leadership

Immediate Ways to Be Anti-Racist

  1. Read and study with an open mind to believe that racism in all of its forms is pernicious and ever-present.  Many white people believe it is a thing of the past. Inform yourself.
  2. Volunteer for an organization serving communities of color. Be prepared to learn and to take direction as you offer to help in any way you can
  3. Give money to a cause/organization that is about dismantling racism and/or serving people of color.
  4. Do not accept racism in your inner circle.  Call it out.

Sustainable Anti-Racist Work

  1. Ensure racial equity in causes and community work you are involved in. Insist on it.
  2. Write letters to newspapers and people in power when you see racial injustice. Write as a white anti-racist activist. Model for other white people.
  3. Teach yourself to be aware of how people of color are perceived in public spaces.  Be ready to intervene or to support someone in need.
  4. Work on laws and policies to eradicate racist practices.
  5. Consciously support businesses owned by people of color.
  6. Enlarge your circle.